Update for February 2022

Suffice it to say 2020 has felt like a long two years and counting. This year has not been a particularly prosperous year for my creative endeavors thusfar, but I suppose there is always hope for the future unless we all die from Covid-19 or World War 3.

You can feel free to check out my YouTube page if you like, although I haven't updated it for some time. The last videos I uploaded were some clips from the PC port of Shenmue 3, it seems. Oh, right, and a short clip demonstrating the boot time on an Xbox 360 slim mod I performed for a coworker buddy of mine. I suppose modding could be considered a creative endeavor, so there's that. I also dabble with 3d Printing very occasionally - the most recent print was a cable docking adapter thing for my old trooper of a MacBook Pro from 2009.